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Saturday, May 7, 2011

[FLAC] 1988-07-17 - Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA

Guns N' Roses :
W. Axl Rose: vocals / Slash: lead guitar / Izzy Stradlin':rhythm guitar / Duff McKagan: bass / Steven Adler: drums

Date: July 17, 1988
Venue: Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA
Label: No
Format: FLAC
Lineage: 1st Gen Tape (TDK AD90) >Technics RS-T36R> R9 (line in) >2GB Memory Card> PC > A udition >WAV > TLH (FLAC 8)
Size: 236 MB

01 - It's So Easy
02 - Mr. Brownstone
03 - Out Ta Get Me
04 - Rocket Queen
05 - Band Introductions
06 - Blues jam
07 - Welcome To The Jungle
08 - Sweet Child O' Mine
09 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door

From the original uploader:

there is a cut during knockin as the tape was flipped. for some reason, the right channel went out during a large portion
of this source. to compansate, a copy of the left channel was substitued in its place.
the volume was amplified by 4db overall and light hiss reduction were performed after the channels were substituted.

the taper responsible for this show is now deceased. the location of the master remains unknown.
nothing fancy was used to record this show. it was just a standard recorder of the day using the internal mics.
the quality is what you'd expect using basic period equipment. c+/b- would be a conservative grade.
its very listenable. if it were not for the right channel issue, then this would have easily been a b+

this 1st generation tape comes from a friend of the taper and he is thrilled to share his copy.
the taper would have loved to know that others are enjoying his tapes as he never saw his tapes being listened
to by anyone except him and a couple of friends. had he known how easy it was to do this then it may
have given him some incentive to still be with us and share the memories himself.

THANKS TO --john e lee07--


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