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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

[FLAC] "Use Your Illusion" Sessions: Rough Mixes and Q Sound Mixes

"GN'R Mixes - Mixes and Q-Sound" & "GN'R Ruffs w/new Slash GTR's"
Source: "Use Your Illusion" Sessions. Recorded at Record Plant Recording Studios
Format: FLAC
From the DATs of Alan Niven (Former GN'R manager)
Size: 1,01 GB

"Use Your Illusion" Rough Mixes with new Slash Guitars (September 21st 1990):

Estranged/Without You (Instrumental) 9:27
Locomotive (Instrumental) 8:30
Breakdown (Instrumental) 7:12
The Garden (Instrumental) 5:10
Black Leather (Instrumental) 3:46 *
I Don't Care About You (Instrumental) 2:09 *
Attitude (Instrumental) 1:37 *
New Rose (Instrumental) 2:40 *
14 Years ['w/ new Duff bass'] 5:18

* These songs are from "The Spaghetti Incident?"

"Use Your Illusion" Mixes And Q-Sound (December 1990 - January 1991):

November Rain (SSL #40) 8:53 (Mix from 12/18/90)
November Rain (SSL #42) 8:53 (Q-Sound)
Live And Let Die (SSL #37) 2:59 (Mix from 12/17/90)
Live And Let Die (SSL #31) 2:59 (Q-Sound)
Estranged (SSL #35) 9:10 (Mix from 12/19/90)
Estranged (SSL #39) 9:10 (Q-Sound)
Double Talkin' Jive (SSL #23) 5:19 (Mix from 1/5/91)
Double Talkin' Jive (SSL #29) 5:19 (Q-Sound)
You Ain't The First (SSL #15) 2:32 (Mix from 1/6/91)
You Ain't The First (SSL #17) 2:32 (Q-Sound)
Yesterdays (SSL #19) 3:13 (Mix from 1/7/91)
Yesterdays (SSL #22) 3:13 (Q-Sound)
Pretty Tied Up (SSL #46) 5:10 (Mix from 1/10/91)
Pretty Tied Up (SSL #42) 5:10 (Q-Sound)
You Could Be Mine (SSL #20) 5:48 (Mix from 1/17/91)
You Could Be Mine (SSL #30) 5:48 (Q-Sound)
Bad Apples (SSL #16) 4:25 (Mix from 1/14/91)
Bad Apples (SSL #22) 4:25 (Q-Sound)
Don't Cry [main lyric] (SSL #29) 4:45 (Mix from 1/16/91)
Don't Cry [main lyric] (SSL #48) 4:45 (Q-Sound)
Don't Cry [alt. lyric] (SSL #40) 4:45 (Mix from 1/16/91)
Don't Cry [alt. lyric] (SSL #45) 4:45 (Q-Sound)

*About Q-Sound:

SPECIAL THANKS TO williambailey who was the original uploader of these tracks on February 2007.

From the original uploader:
"Basically there are 2 versions of each song. One is the original version and the other is the same song mixed with "Q Sound". You can google Q Sound to find out what it is. Alan said that they were simply experimenting with it. I believe Pink Floyd's Pulse album was mixed with Q Sound. Anyhow, personally I struggle to hear much difference - but hey, maybe others can" (In my opinion, there are difference in many songs in the rough mixes but there's not too much difference in the Q Sound mixes)

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